Conference Fee

The conference fee is:

  • Oral presenter: 1600,- Kč (65 EUR) + VAT
  • Other participants including co-authors and authors of posters: 2100,- Kč (85 EUR) + VAT

The fee is kindly requested to be paid by non-cash by 14th October 2018 based on application accepted by SUJCHBO.

The conference fee includes entry for scientific programme from 13th to 15th November 2018 as well as the conference evenings.

The price for accommodation and meals see on General Information.

For further information on fees for commercial exhibitors please contact the chairman of organisation committee.


Participants with a contribution (oral presentation or poster) for the Hazmat Protect 2018 conference are kindly requested to fill the on-line registration form and submit by 8th June 2018. Please state the name of the contribution, authors and abstract in the on-line registration form. You will be notified about acceptance/non-acceptance by 20th June 2018.

Participants without a contribution are kindly requested to fill the on-line registration form and submit by 30th September 2018. Due to limited capacity of the conference hall, the registration may be closed for the exceeded maximum of participants before the stated date.

Scientific articles – fulltexts are requested by 1st August 2018, see Guide For Authors for more details.

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Oral presenter – fee 1600 Kč (65 EUR) + VATPoster presenter, co-author, participant withou contribution – fee 2100 Kč (85 EUR) + VATCommercial exhibitorScientific committee member or invited guest

Payment by bank transfer for SUJCHBO account according to the SUJCHBO accepted application e-mail notification.

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Accommodation at SUJCHBO premises

A limited number of rooms (2-3 beds) is available in SUJCHBO premises and provided free of charge. The SUJCHBO rooms are priority offer for the participants with oral presentations. In case of vacancy, the rooms will be offered to other participants in order of delivered requests. See Accommodation for more details.
Capacity of accommodation places at SÚJCHBO, v.v.i. is already occupied.

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Guide For Authors

Abstract – send please separate files in .doc or .docx format, file name „Hazmat-abstract+author“, contribution name, authors, text of abstract in English, Czech or Slovak (200 words in max), please follow the Abstract template.

Oral presentations will be in Czech, Slovak or English in duration of 15 min, incl. discussion; the accompanying slides for presentation in.ppt, .pptx or .pdf format in English. Interpretation for foreigners can be provided.

Poster in English, format A0 (84 × 119 cm).

Conference contributions (oral presentations and posters) in form of scientific article will be available at the conference DVD. Selected scientific articles will be peer-reviewed by two reviewers and these articles will be published on-line on the conference website as agreed with the author after the event.

Scientific articles may be written in Czech, Slovak or English with name, abstract and key words in English. The name of the article must not exceed 2 lines, the article length must not exceed 10 pages.

Scientific articles are kindly requested in .docx format based on the  article template submitted to organisation committee before 1st August 2018. Please abide the file name in form „Hazmat-article+author“. Thank you for your cooperation.