Dear colleagues,


4th scientific conference Hazmat Protect has been postponed for new date 4th – 5th May 2021 due to current increas of Covid-19 pandemic. We truly believe that the situation will be stabilized at this time.

Submission of contributions has been already closed. Possible changes in submitted contributions and/or abstracts will be arranged individually. The term for submitting full texts has been postponed to 30th March 2021. The term for participant registration has been postponed to 30th March 2021 (or until the full capacity). Payment of the conference fee carry out not untill 1st – 15th April 2021 please.

Please follow the actual information on this website.

Thanks for understanding.

Kind regards,

Ing. Kamila Lunerová, Ph.D.,

Chairman of the Hazmat Protect Organization Committee


Dear colleagues,

National Institute of NBC Protection (SUJCHBO) invites you to join the upcoming scientific conference 4th Hazmat Protect held from 4th to 5th May 2021 in SUJCHBO premises in Milín – Kamenná, Czech Republic.

The principal theme of the conference is “New research challenges in the light of real CBRN incidents”.

The conference is focused on the latest research in the protection against dangerous chemical, biological, radioactive and nuclear (CBRN) agents and materials, as well as on sharing experiences in dealing with events related to risk of hazardous substances occurrence. Expert speakers will introduce new possibilities for detection and identification of CBRN agents, the latest findings in investigation of effects of CBRN agents on organism. Further field of interest are new materials intended for protection against CBRN agents, including nanomaterials, smart composites, or intelligent textiles. Other issues will concern safety precautions and body response while using protective equipment or during related stress situations. You can look forward to new trends in CBRN trainings and exercises also.

Researchers with their presentations are warmly welcomed as well as the first responders and other end-users from civilian or military field with their experiences and lessons learnt from the real incidents or practical training. The aim of this special event is to keep the science and research in touch with a practice and enhance the mutual knowledge focusing on new challenges and trends in CBRN field.

The Hazmat Protect conference will provide an unique occasion for joining scientists, researchers, experts, first responders, end-users, various manufacturers and suppliers and sharing their knowledge, needs, ideas, and challenges. We hope that You will gain new interesting information, establish new contacts and arrange prospective fellowships and projects, beside getting acquainted with the latest trends in research and development in CBRN field. 


We are looking forward to Your active attendance

Ing. Kamila Lunerová, Ph. D.

Chairman of the Organization Committee