The Hazmat Protect 2020 conference offers an unique opportunity for informal gathering of scientists, commercial suppliers and various end-users and proposes a convenient occasion for sharing experience, knowledge and ideas for prospective innovations and development.



General Partner Hazmat Protect 2018 of the Hazmat Protect 2018 Conference




Company belonging to a group of regular suppliers of products and services for the specialized NBC forces both in the Czech Army and in all civil parts of integrated rescue system, mainly in the field of TICs and CWA detection chemistry. Company products have been serving to users in more than 50 countries world wide.



  Special magazine for fire protection, the Integrated Rescue System and population protection.

  Company with many years of practice in research and development of camouflage means, filtration materials and NBC protective means.

  Renowned Central/Eastern European environmental company of international competency offering a comprehensive package of environmental services, including CBRN materials treatment, hazardous waste treatment, remediation of contaminated soil and water.

The Swiss company Metrohm is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of high quality devices for chemical Analysis. Metrohm’s portfolio includes instruments for Raman and VIS-NIR spectroscopy, ion chromatography, titration, electrochemical research; all shaped for demanding field and process conditions.

  Supplier of mobile instruments for CBRN detection and analysis.

  Company OZM Research .s.r.o. deals with the development and produciton of laboratory devices, which are used to measure features of energetic materials.

  Nicolet CZ s.r.o. was founded in 2000 and focused mainly on spectroscopy and microscopy (FTIR, FTNIR, Raman, FT-Raman, IR imaging, LIBS, etc.). Nicolet CZ s.r.o. is the exclusive supplier in Czech Republic of the following companies: Thermo Scientific, BW Tek Inc., S & amp; I Spectroscopy and Imaging GMBH, Designs & Prototypes d.b.a. D & P Instruments, Neaspec.