4th  Scientific Conference Hazmat Protect 2020 will take place
on 21–22 October 2020 in SÚJCHBO, Kamenná, Czech Republic

Abstract registration will open soon, deadline until 12 May 2020.

Follow actual information on site http://hazmat-protect.sujchbo.cz


Dear colleagues and friends,

National Institute of NBC Protection (SUJCHBO) invites you to join the upcoming scientific conference 3nd Hazmat Protect 2018 held from 13th to 15th November 2018 in SUJCHBO premises in Milín – Kamenna, Czech Republic.

The conference is focused on the latest research in the protection against dangerous chemical, biological and radioactive (CBRN) agents, as well as new knowledge of effects of CBRN agents on organism. Another field of interest are new findings of materials intended for protection against CBRN agents including nanosorbents or nanosensors, their incorporation into nanotextiles, protective composite materials, or protective means. Another issues concern body responses and their monitoring while working or staying in protective equipment. You can looking forward to new trends in CBRN trainings and exercises also.

Contributions of researchers and scientists are warmly welcomed as well as the knowledge and practical experiences of first responders and other end-users from civilian or military field. The reason of this special event is to keep the science and research in touch with a practice and enhance the mutual knowledge focusing on new needs and trends in CBRN field.

The conference will have international character and its importance is emphasized by the patronage of Deputy Director General of the Fire Rescue Service of the Czech Republic Col. Ing. Daniel Miklós, MPA.

We are looking forward to Your active attendance

Ing. Jiří Slabotinský, CSc.

chairman of the organisation committee of Hazmat Protect 2018


Invitation of Hazmat Protect 2018